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  1. It is my absolute pleasure to introduce you to the New Voice of Indie Soul, Maiko Watson.


    “Nothing Watson has done before will prepare you for this easy perfection of the singer/songwriter’s smoldering debut, Sweet Vibration. Channeling sultry vets Maxine Nightingale and Marlena Shaw with a healthy dollop of Amy Winehouse, Sweet Vibration is the perfect 11th hour entry to close out 2009”. L. Michael Gipson, BET’s Soul Sessions Blog

    “A one-woman force, her music will seduce you, and her voice will leave a lasting impression.” Freshly.Educated.Men

    “…Sweet Vibration is a profound showcase of Maiko Watson’s singing and writing skills. Unlike most contemporary ‘urban’ albums, which feature walls of sound produced by committees, this is a living, breathing document of rootsy, classic soul performances, pure and simple.” John Kendal, Uptown Magazine

    “She has a rich, expansive set of pipes, imbued with a subtlety that reminds me of singers like Amy Winehouse, Des’ree and Estelle. The Winnipeg native wrote, arranged and produced the 10-song collection – save “Ready To Be Loved,” penned with former husband Remy Shand. Her debut album is comprised of optimistic ruminations about love and life in a soothing mix of jazz, disco, reggae and soul.” Ashante Infantry, Toronto Star

    LISTEN TO Maiko Watson:

    MAIKO WATSON has recently released her introspective debut solo album, Sweet Vibration on independent label, Labeame Records, which is run by her and her sister. This album was written, produced and arranged by Maiko and can be best described as “a melting pot of earthy vintage tones, layering elements of reggae, rock and jazz to bring classic soul to the twenty first century.” Sweet Vibration was recorded with live instrumentation, and takes listeners on a journey of love, heartbreak, optimism and strength, creating a sound that is as familiar as it is definitive.

    Maiko Watson’s Sweet Vibration is available NOW on: iTunes and CDBaby.

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