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Spotted At The Club….

Keyshia Cole was spotted out last week in ATL at ESSO Nightclub rocking a fresh new look. Keyshia is in the process of recording her third studio album which is rumored to release later this year and her reality show is also wrapping up the process of season 3. I can’t wait for the next season because I love me some Frankie, lol. That’s the one who really needs their own reality show!

Also at club ESSO was R&B singer Tank. A couple of weeks ago a new track from Tank called “Poppin” (featuring rapper Shawty Lo) leaked on the internet. I personally love the song and can’t wait for new material from Tank. He never lets you down musically.

Fantasia (American Idol winner) and Tiny (T.I.’s main chic) were spotted at Lucky Food Lounge in ATL . It has been rumored that Fantasia recently parted ways with her rapper boyfriend Young Dro. And it seems Tiny is always rockin some off the wall hair color, isn’t she? Oh well we can’t knock her she does have Mr. Swagger aka T.I. on lock!


One Response to “Spotted At The Club….”

  1. Keyshia looks nice and thats my man Tank but DAMN FANTASIA IS A MESS

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