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Banging Bodies!

This week we are giving the Banging Body award to Melanie Brown aka Mel B! Never too shy to show off her beach body to the cameras, you can clearly see why the award is a definite fit for Ms. Brown.

Mel B is best known for belonging to the international girl group the Spice Girls. In 2007, she continued to gain fame with huge success on the popular TV show, Dancing with the Stars. Mel B and her partner were the highest scoring couple during the season and made it to the final round.

 In April of 2007 Mel B gave birth to her second child, Angel Iris Murphy Brown, which came with tons of controversy regarding the paternity battle with actor Eddie Murphy. Brown is now currently married to long-time friend and movie producer Stephen Belafonte.

Can you actually believe this is the body of a 33 year old woman with two kids? Wow just amazing! Keep it up Mel B, you’re looking great! I guess 30 is the new 20 after all….


One Response to “Banging Bodies!”

  1. I think Mel B is exceptional and I’d love to see more of her. Eddie is stupid and gay.

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