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Throwback Thursday!-MoKenStef

 Today’s Throwback group is MoKenStef!

MoKenStef was a R&B 90s girl group from Los Angeles. The three singers {Monifa, Kenya, and Stephanie} used the first syllable of each of their names to come up with the group name.  MoKenStef’s album, Azz Izz, debuted in 1995. Although it was their only album, the single “He’s Mine” was a huge hit. It reached #7 on the Billboard Hot 100.  The second single, “Sex in the Rain”, was also a hit. It gave R&B fans a taste of their sexy and sultry sound.

I mean really, who could forget MoKenStef {Those of you who are old enough to know}?! They had every female singing and shouting “He’s Mine” to all of their arch-enemies in 1995. That really was the jam! Oh how I Miss the 90s.

Videos below….ENJOY!

“He’s Mine”

“Sex In The Rain”

Any suggestions for throwback Thursday? Hit us up!


One Response to “Throwback Thursday!-MoKenStef”

  1. I luved dat damm song.when i hear it brings bak a lot of memories.i miss good music like dat now!

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