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T.Pain Ft Lil Wayne-“Can’t Believe It”

He’s BAAAACCK! T.Pain (who basically has been on EVERYTHING lately) is back with his third studio album Thr33 Ringz.  If you watched the 2008 BET Awards you can clearly see the relationship between his performance on the show and the direction of this new album. T.Pain has yet to let me down musically so I expect BIG things from his new project. Originally “Snap Yo Fingers” was going to be the 1st single, but “Can’t Believe It” Ft. Lil Wayne leaked on the internet earlier than planned. With its positive feedback they decided to roll with it and gear it to radio. It’s a smooth track, not great but not wack either. Thr33 Ringz is set to release on September 30th, T.Pain’s birthday, and is produced entirely by himself. Until then we are waiting for the official video. Make sure to check out the single below…..

Listen to “Can’t Believe It”….. What you think? Hit or Miss?


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