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Banging Bodies!

Wanita “D. Woods” Woodgette captures our Banging Body award for this week! D.Woods, a member of the popular girl group Danity Kane, is a force to be reconned with in the body department. She is definitely a pretty piece of eye candy and an Urban Connection 3T……Thick, Toned, and Tasty!! D. Woods’ frame is so on point that she has covered KING, the popular men’s magazine, twice!

All of Danity Kane’s members have nice bodies, but D.Woods clearly out shines the rest. We all know P.Diddy is very strict about working out and staying in shape, and we see D.Woods has gained nothing but positive results from it all. Looking good girl….we ain’t mad at ya!

D. Woods make sure you holla back and let us know your ab routine! Those abs are the bizness!


3 Responses to “Banging Bodies!”

  1. i luv her body and got to meet her 1 day

  2. I want to bang you shorty!

  3. crystal x…

    […]Banging Bodies! « The Urban Connection[…]…

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