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Actress Lisa Raye & Husband Depart Ways

With all the drama that is currently surrounding Lisa Raye McCoy and her husband, Turks and Caicos Premier Michael Misick, it was only a matter of time before the two parted ways. According to an article from the two are seperating after two years of marriage.

From the article:

In a statement, Misick, 42, said, “I am announcing that I am separated from LisaRaye McCoy-Misick. I am committed to dissolving the marriage amicably. I believe that this is a private matter and will have no further comments. I hope that our privacy will be respected.”

The statement comes as the FBI is investigating Misick for assaulting a friend of McCoy’s earlier this year. Misick has taken to the Turks and Caicos airwaves to deny the charges.  In 2006, the couple married in an $1.5 million beachside wedding in front of stars such as Vivica A. Fox, DaBrat and Jasmine Guy. Reception music was provided by R&B duo Ashford and Simpson.



Just when you thought things would get better….THEY GET WORSE! Check out the news report: claims domestic violence and shows the women of Turks & Caicos upset at Lisa Raye!

I actually thought things would work out for this couple. I just hope they can end things peacefully and move on.


6 Responses to “Actress Lisa Raye & Husband Depart Ways”

  1. iam very sorry to see what has happen to lisa raye i hope she lands on her feet what ever happen lisa you have support here in the us we love you lisa raye just stand your ground and dont take any mess from no one stand srong

  2. I hope they can work this out they are two powerful people i never would had believed this man would do that where are the good kind loving in order black mens is obama alone on this We love you lisa and i hope to see more of you on tv and movie screen

  3. Alter-ra-cation. Learn how to speak!!!! Negro Drama!!!

  4. So….she is soon to be single? Nice….

  5. This is a typical black man for ya!! Lisa will bounce back…trust me! She’s a beautiful person that definitely deserve to be treated better.

  6. ilyy lisa rayeee im your biggestt fann

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