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100m World Record Broke by Lighting BOLT!

Track & Fireld is my FAVORITE event to watch in the Olympics, and last night it was a show in the Men’s 100m dash! If you missed it you will have to catch Sports Center or a NBC re-play, cause they are not playing about copyright infringement over at NBC. In other words, every youtube video has been shut down so far.  

Here’s a clip of the article from

BEIJING (AP) – Usain Bolt rewrote the record books again and captured his first Olympic gold medal Saturday, running the 100-meter dash in a stunning 9.69 seconds for a blowout win that could have been even worse.

It was no contest as the 21-year-old Jamaican took a huge lead halfway through the race, then held his arms out wide, turned his palms up, pounded his chest and started celebrating a good 10 strides before he reached the finish line.  He broke his own record, set in May in New York, by .03 second and became the first sprinter to set the world record in an Olympic final since Donovan Bailey ran 9.84 at the 1996 Atlanta Games.

Watching Bolt, who is 6-foot-5, run the quarter-finals in 9.9 seconds (with ease) was impressive. It was that race alone when I knew he would have the gold medal and claim the title as the “World’s Fastest Man.”

American sprinter Walter Dix finished third to receive the Bronze

-Photos courtesy of Yahoo! Sports


The race was replayed Sunday morning at 4am central time. If you STILL missed it here’s a link so you can catch a glimpse of Usain Bolt creating history.


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