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Back In The Day! Urban Fashion

The retro urban fashion trend for this week goes out to the HI-TOP FADE!

A hi-top fade is a style of haircut where hair on the sides is cut off or kept very low and hair on the top of the head is very long (in contrast, a low fade is when hair on the top is kept shorter). The hi-top has been a trend symbolizing the Golden Era of Hip Hop and urban contemporary music during the late 1980s and the early 1990s. There were different styles of the hi-top such as “The Gumby”, which was the slanted hi-top like the cartoon character Gumby.

Every guy who considered themselves trendy during this era was rocking the hi-top fade! Big Daddy Kane (pictured above), Tupac, Bobby Brown, Martin, Will Smith, Jay-Z (yes your boy Jay), and who could forget the infamous hi-top fade worn by Christopher Reid (pictured below) aka Kid from Kid ‘N’ Play. I think he holds the record for the tallest hi-top in history!

Thanks to the younger generation, we have seen A LOT of the 80s trends creep back in style over the past year. Gold ropes, spandex, leg warmers, plastic jewelery…..and I’ve even noticed a couple of people sporting the hi-top fade again as well.

So I ask to you, do you think the hi-top will make a comeback in the new millennium? Did you rock the hi-top? We at The Urban Connection want to know!!

We definitely know THE CURL won’t make a comeback (lol)….or will it?


12 Responses to “Back In The Day! Urban Fashion”

  1. i love all that old skool stuf haha
    and that would b why for the new skool year i just got a fresh hi-top fade…oh yeah

    i hope it don’t come bak…cuz then every1 else will have it, its all bout indiviuality

  2. 4 head haha

  3. deyheads is lik cone head if dis dissapoint u thn im sorry but i cant help it lokin at there shiny head a wawa

  4. I’m getting one tomorrow! Reppin the 90s!

    I was gonna get one today, but my barber stepped out early. 😦

  5. play is sexy!!!!!!!!!!lolsmileyface

  6. I think were deifinitely going to see the hi top fade come back in the south we have went back to alot of old skool trends so well havr to see about the north

  7. this was hot

  8. aye da hi top is da ish right in holly springs,ms…its i started a trend da hi tops aka boxfade…..some ppl like it and some dnt..but what i like bout it most i get a ton of attentions..esp. frm da ladies…-boxfade shawty

  9. just got a high top (soft one) last week and am lovin it ……

  10. ski helmet…

    […]Back In The Day! Urban Fashion « The Urban Connection[…]…

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