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T.I.’s New Video-“Whatever You Like”

The King aka T.I. is back with a hot new single from his 6th solo album Paper Trail. With the 1st single “No Matter What” blazing radio stations across the nation and its video staying at the #1 spot on 106 & Park, it seems Paper Trail is headed in the right direction.  Now T.I. releases the 2nd single “Whatever You Like”, and I must say…It’s definitely a good look with the ladies! The track gives fans a different feel with T.I. singing (talk rapping..whatever) the hook. He recently shot the video for the single which features actress Regan Gomez-Preston (Parenthood, Beauty Shop).

With all the negative press T.I. has received recently regarding the gun charges, I wish him success with the album.

Ok so on to the opinions……what do you think about the video??



One Response to “T.I.’s New Video-“Whatever You Like””

  1. i lyk Ti coz he knwz wat he daz….he’z sooo kul.

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