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Monica Has 2nd Baby Boy!


Congratulations to Monica!!! She has given birth to her second son, Romelo Montez Hill on Tuesday afternoon (Jan. 8th). Romelo Montez Hill was born at 2:15 p.m. He weighed 5 lbs., 6 oz. and was 19½ inches long!

Here is a comment from Monica via her fansite”We are all doing very well and truly thank God for our new addition” Monica wrote. The new baby is Monica’s second child with new artist Rocko Da Don. Rodney Ramone is two years old. ”Lil Rock and Romelo mean the world to me, and so do those that support us,” she said. ”Again, thank you and look for my new album Summer ’08. God bless you!!”

Here’s a pic of Monica’s 1st son “Lil Rock”. Can’t wait to see the new baby pictures!



8 Responses to “Monica Has 2nd Baby Boy!”

  1. can’t wait until the princess of R&B returns

  2. Love you MONICA..Please send that CD out soon! I can’t wait to hear your lovely voice and sing along with you. CONGRATZ on the new baby boys! Love ya much!

  3. wow ))
    its very reasonable article.
    Nice post.
    realy good post

    thank you 😉

  4. Congrats on the new baby. I know that you are proud to be their mom. They are so beautiful. Stay strong, and continue to be blessed. I will most def be looking out for the new album. I have always been a fan of yours and I will always continue to do so. Again stay blessed and keep your head.

  5. congrats on ur 2nd son! i wish some day and some how monica and beyonce would make a song together because my opinion is they are the only two singers with vocals who deliver the message and touch my soulwhen they sing they are the voices of r&b

  6. congrats monica on ur new baby boy well his not new now but congrats im ur biggest fan in i am only 12 years old LUV YA

  7. i really love that pic that show that she is a good mother

  8. i love you monica ur kids r cute

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