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Ciara’s New Video-“That’s Right”


Even though Ciara’s latest LP “The Evolution” has been out for quite some time, she decided to give her fans what they’ve been asking for….more dancing! Ciara recently released a new video for the single “That’s Right” featuring Lil John. It seems to be a fan favorite and many have been wanting to see more of her dance moves.  With all the singles that have been released so far (Promise, Like A Boy, Can’t Leave Him Alone) you would’ve thought the label was through with promoting. (I mean if you haven’t bought the CD by now most likely you’re not going to). Personally I would’ve wanted her to release “So Hard”, thats my song!

Anyways, the video is definately a good look. Ciara makes everyone want to hit the gym after seeing one of her videos, she looks great! I love how she is not afraid to do the dances we all see at the club, she never holds back.  I’m so mad at how BET ranked her #25 on the Greatest Dancers list.  Whoever was in charge of that needs to be FIRED!!

Check out the video for “That’s Right” below. (Peep out the cameo of Monica)

What do you think of the video?


3 Responses to “Ciara’s New Video-“That’s Right””

  1. Waoow so amazing i dn’t knw wat 2 say just speechless!lv u CIARA!!

  2. I Ciara but can I sing with you please

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