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Rihanna’s Sexy Outfits


As we all know 19 year old Rihanna (along with Ciara) is currently headlining her European Tour. We’ve got some pics of Rihanna’s performances and her sexy (raunchy) outfits are starting to cause a buzz. I personally like Rihanna, but since she has proclaimed the “Good Girl, Gone Bad” image it seems her stylists, team, or whoever is in charge has taken the image over board.


I mean seriously…no one really believes she has “gone bad”. We all know it’s to increase record sells! And we all know the industry’s favorite saying……SEX SELLS!  I guess she’s selling it………


What do you think of Rihanna’s outfits? Too Trashy and Raunchy…..or Sexy and Fab?!



16 Responses to “Rihanna’s Sexy Outfits”

  1. Resource and Information

    Resource and Information

  2. some celebs can wear clothes like this bud with rihanna it’s dum and trashy

  3. what a ho.

  4. love her music

  5. you go girl,ypu lok fab in anything you wear

  6. yeah it is trashy in these clothes if she takes em off i think she will get a much wider audience of, daily masturbaters aswell

  7. i love evry outfit she wears, to me she is sexy in whatever she wears. yes it is raunchy but i wouldn’t call it trashy, and is definetely sexy!!

  8. its not she wears this kinda of shiiiit everyday?
    cmon .
    shes usually got the mean style.

  9. Quoting song: “Like damn, that’s hot” I think that’s hot but kind of a ho too 🙂

  10. Well, now I’m gonna go do my girlfriend and imagine she’s rihanna… 😛

  11. her outfits are no trashy their sexy

  12. rihana sexy boy ahahha

  13. all haters always have mean things to say, but as for me i am a huge fan of rihanna’s, music,outfits, n her hairstyles. this out fit that rihanna is wearing is hot and sexy, you go girl; continue to do your own thing..don’t let haters stop you!!

  14. Wow! rihana outfit is off the chain i love it and her hair styles is just perfect and it fit her well with all her sexy outfit. peace out to rihana.Yeah!

  15. At this moment I am ready to do my breakfast, after having my breakfast coming yet again
    to read other news.

  16. hi lol

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