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Still downhill for Vick

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Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse for Michael Vick, they actually did. According to Fox Sports, the Atlanta Falcons are entitled to recover nearly $20 million in bonus money paid to Mr. Vick, an arbitrator ruled Tuesday. The players’ union vowed to appeal. According to the article:

The Falcons argued that Vick, who pleaded guilty to federal charges for his role in a long-running dogfighting operation, knew he was in violation of the contract when he signed a $130 million deal in December 2004. The team said he used proceeds from the contract to fund his illicit activities and sought the repayment of $19,970,000 in bonuses he was paid over the last three years. Any money the Falcons recover from Vick would be credited to its future salary cap, a huge step in recovering from the loss of the team’s franchise player. Atlanta (1-4) is off to a dismal start with Joey Harrington at quarterback.

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